What’s in your pocket?

Chris was recently teaching a series of YL business seminars in Japan and one of the questions that get got was, “What oils or products do you always have on you?”  Chris, being the lawyer that he is, responded with the infamous lawyer words “It depends.” 


Sometimes Chris will have the coveted valor in his pocket or a roll-on blend that we make ourselves here at YL Family consisting of Valor, Harmony, Joy, and White Angelica; a blend we call our Happy Oils because it is just so hard to have a bad day when you’re wearing them.  But one oil blend that Chris will pretty much always have on him is Stress Away. He got accustomed to having that on or around him at his old job.  Now he, of course likes what it does for him, but even more so, it’s a great introduction for other people.  Everyone always likes that lime-vanilla-lavender smell.  So, it’s a great oil to share when someone asks, “What’s that smell” or “What do you do for a living?”  Plus, Stress Away is a great lifestyle oil.  Remember that the YL Lifestyle is our YL products working for us. 


So, what’s in your pocket?

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