The Bare Essentials

The Bare Essentials – The must-have materials and must-watch videos

Often, we are asked by new and existing members of Young Living, “What do I need to know?” “What are your must-have products?” and “What information do I need to have?” This section is designed to give you some basic information right away such as where do oils come from, how to use them, and Young Living’s current product guide. It is intended that this section be used in conjunction with our other information that can be found under the YL Company and Lifestyle Products tabs.

  • The Young Living Lifestyle – Video
  • What is an essential oil? – Video
  • Where do essential oils come from? – Video
  • How do you use essential oils? – Video
  • Unboxing the Starter Kit
  • 2016 Young Living Product Guide
  • YL Family Must-Have Oils and Products
  • YL Family – YL Dude List
  • Essential Oil Safety
  • What about those rare essential oils?

The Young Living Lifestyle

What is an essential oil?

Where do essential oils com from?

How do you use essential oils?

Unboxing the Starter Kit

YL University Everyday Oils

2016 Product Guide


YL Family Must-Have Product List


YL Family – YL Dude List


Essential Oil Safety