Oily Life Hacks #2 – Rollin’ Diffuser

So, you’ve left your USB Diffuser plugged into the side of your laptop, at the office, up thirty flights of stairs.  You have a bottle of Stress Away in your pocket and you’re getting ready to go sit in traffic for a few hours as part of your daily commute.

You’ve just found your bags at a new airport.  You’re tired, but this vacation promises to be awesome.  You take the shuttle to the rental car lot where you pick out a car that will surely optimize your trip.  Good stereo.  Sporty.  Good on gas.  But then you open the door, only to to smell something that can only be described as what it must be like when an air freshener vomits in the car.  You’ve left your diffuser at home . . .   

You’re on your way home from a long road trip with the family.  You look over to your partner.  They’re asleep.  Kids in the back seat? Asleep, one of whom still has remnants of that after dinner snack on their lips.  It’s up to you to get the family home safely.  You’re tired.  You have your trusty Peppermint oil, but no diffuser. Do you douse a paper towel to the point of being sopping with your oil and throw it in the car?  You could if you have another bottle on your ER because that’s how much it’s going to take.  Do you try to finagle plugging your Aroma Lux?  Hopefully you have an extra seat.

Instead, simply turn your car into a rolling diffuser.  Here’s what you do:

  • Take a tissue, paper towel, or even a piece of paper if you’re desperate and grab it in the center, fluff it like you imagine your grandfather (or a magician) would with a hanky creating a flower-like shape.
  • Drop some of your favorite oil into the center of the flower (a little will go a long way)
  • Take the base of the flower and gently wedge it in your air vent in your car. Be careful not to push it in too far; just enough so that it stays.
  • Turn on the air fan so that air is moving over the tissue flower.


You’ve just MacGyver’d a diffuser with your car, some tissues, and a few drops of your favorite oil!  Always put your oils on, as our bodies are the best diffusers, but this little Oily Life Hack can help in a pinch.    

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