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How to become a Member




The first question we get after someone asks, “What is that amazing lavender smell?” or “How does that soap work and smell so great?” is, “How do I get some?”

Young Living has three powerful options for you if you’re wanting to purchase some of our life-changing products: 1) Customer, 2) Member, or 3) as an Essential Rewards Member.  At the risk of sounding cliché, these options really fall into the “good-better-best” categories.

  1. Customer (GOOD):  Making a purchase as a Customer is a good option if you are only wanting to buy one product (like a bottle of lavender or lemon) and this is a one-time purchase for you.  It’s a good option because you get great products.
  2. Member (BETTER):  Making a purchase as a Member is a “better” deal.  You still get the same great products as a Customer, but you get the products at wholesale, which is a 24% discount!  Think of this membership as being akin to your local shoppers club except with Young Living, you’ll only pay a one time sign-up fee as long as you order $50 or more of product every year.  You’ll also get member exclusives such as promotions and the ability to attend many of Young Living’s events around the world.
  3. Essential Rewards Member (BEST):  This is Young Living’s premier membership and is the “best” option.  You’ll get all of the great benefits of being a member such as member exclusives and great products at wholesale pricing, as well as you’ll start earning points back on the products that you purchase and use everyday.  This is similar to many of the rewards programs that we belong to in our everyday lives, except Young Living will give you 10% of your product back in points toward future products for the first 3 months that you’re enrolled, 20% for up to 24 months, and then 25% back after that.  Not only do you get these industry-first rewards, but you also get loyalty gifts at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months as Young Living’s way of saying “thank you.”   The only requirement for this premier membership is that you purchase $50 worth of product every month.  Most Essential Rewards Members simply put the products on this order that they’re using anyway like our Thieves® Laundry Soap, Thieves® Dish Soap, Thieves® Foaming Hand Soap, NingXia Red™, and Gary’s True Grit Einkorn Granola™.  You might as well get points back on the products you’re using everyday in your new Young Living Lifestyle!

Learn more about Essential Rewards here

If you choose to be a Member or Essential Rewards Member, you’ll need to choose a starter kit.  Young Living has several to choose from: 

Basic Starter Kit


This “kit” is really just a membership fee with a free oil and some samples.  This is a great option if you’re wanting to customize your first order with products that are not contained in any of the other kits.

Premium Starter Kit


There are three Premium Starter Kits to choose from, an Essential Oil Kit with Diffuser (pictured above), a Thieves® Kit, and a NingXia Red™ Kit. These kits are heavily subsidized by Young Living to make them more affordable and to put more of these incredible lifestyle products in your hands. For example, the Oil Kit is more than 30% off of wholesale and 50% off of retail.


Essential Rewards Membership


If you choose to be a premier Essential Rewards Member, you’ll have the option to purchase an additional kit at a discount or you can simply log in under your Virtual Office set finalize this membership and start earning free products and gifts.

When enrolling as a Customer, Member, Essential Rewards Member, you’ll need the member number of the person that introduced you to Young Living. Please make sure you have that information before starting the process. If no one introduced you to Young Living, or it was us at YL Family, we would be honored to have you as part of our Family.