Chris Opfer

Drops and Diapers

Here at YL Family, Inc., we love our little ones.  We love everything about them, except the dreaded diaper pale.  You know, the thing that you keep in the least used room of your house for fear that someone might succumb to its torturous contents.  Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter what kind of diaper pail you have or how much you spent on it, they just stink. 


So, what to do about it?  Do we “free-range” our children until they’re old enough to be potty trained?  Perhaps.  Do we toss the oddly-expanded, tenuously-wrapped messes into our neighbors’ yards?  Depends on the neighbor.  Do we buy a new diaper pail instead of risking opening the lid that you barely shut because you just “had” to put that last diaper in there?  That gets pretty costly. 


Here is what we do in our home regardless of the pail that in which you placed your last hopes.  When there is a fresh bag in the pail (i.e. no diapers), sprinkle a fair amount of baking soda into the bottom of the bag.  Then add several drops of lavender and peppermint (you can use whatever oils you want but remember that some oils like lemon can potentially eat the bag).  Voila!  You now have a diaper pail that doesn’t require a WWII gas mask from your prepper friend’s basement to open.  Don’t be afraid to repeat this process as you fill the pail.


On a side note, we also discovered that the new Seedlings wipes not only leave your children with smoother and cleaner derrieres, it also helps the diaper pail too!  An unexpected, but extremely effective side benefit!     

It’s heeeeerrrrrreeee!

Today we are departing from our normal blog to bring you something that has been in the works for quite some time and for which we are VERY excited. 


Many years ago, YL Family (then just Vicki) wrote something that changed the landscape for countless builders in Young Living.  Heart Centered Sharing (HCS as it is lovingly called) was something that stood alone; a tool to help those build a successful business in the way Vicki did, strategically and methodically sharing from the heart.  Prior to writing HCS, Vicki also published Harmony, Joy, and Abundance as the “What do I say?” primer for our Young Living businesses.  Vicki placed all her knowledge and wisdom earned from her experience in reaching the rank of Royal Crown Diamond into these two works. 


But here we are, over two decades into this extraordinary lifestyle, and we’re not done.  Today we announce to you something new, something familiar, something younger, something with equal wisdom, and something complete.  We, Vicki and Chris, are proud to announce our new co-authored book, Essential Sharing: A Building System for the Young Living Lifestyle


This book is more than just a combination of Harmony, Joy, and Abundance and HCS.  It puts a modern twist on those works while adding more detail, a discussion of overcoming challenges, tips for optimizing your success, scripts, and so much more.  This is a workbook that will not only guide you, but transform the way you share.  We’ve included our best knowledge and information to help this complete business system take you where you want to go in your Young Living journey.


When and how can you get it?  This book is published and offered exclusively through Life Science Publishing (the same publisher of The Essential Oil Desk Reference).  It will be available next week at the Grand Convention!  If you’re not able to attend the Convention this year, you will still be able to order yours online. 

Let this book, this workbook, this system, be your new beginning.  Let this help you achieve your goals in Young Living.  Welcome to the Young Living Lifestyle!